Trinity Mouzon Wofford

Co-Founder of GOLDE + the Youngest Black Female Founder in Sephora

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The co-founder of insta-famous wellness brand Golde, is the youngest black woman to have a brand hit the shelves of Sephora, and she's here spilling the *matcha* on how she did it.

Building A Company From The Ground Up

You can get your matcha on with Golde’s top-rated supplement, and don’t forget the brand’s collections of face masks. But, to be honest, the creamy golden goodness that is the Turmeric Latte Blend is only the start of Trinity’s bombness.

Creating A Brand That Can Dominate A Saturated Space

Theres so much “stuff” out there - how do you make your brand stop the scrolling?  Discover how Trinity cut through the noise in an overcrowded wellness space plus how you can stand out by focusing on your audience’s problems instead of all the details.

Capital Decisions + The Importance Of Financial Literacy

Video, press, multiple crowdfunding platforms - Trinity’s dropping truth bombs on everything you need to know to get your business idea funded.

Pre-Launch Strategies That Sell

In this module, Trinity turns what feels like a complicated process into digestible steps. From learning how to price your products to getting your brand in front of people (hint: it’s going to cost), and how to identify the best channel for building an audience.

How To Gain Organic Growth On Social Media

Trinity dives into how to make the most out of your organic marketing, how to turn up your viral factor, why you should focus on organic first, and of course, how she became the youngest female founder to hit the shelves of Sephora...ever.

Successfully Working With Your Partner + Scaling Your Business

Get the truth spilled on why launching a business with a partner may or may not be a good idea, how to make it work, plus how to take your business to the next revenue level and bootstrap your way all the way to scale.

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