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What is
With Honors?

With Honors is an expert-led Mentorclass series and an exclusive community where female founders flourish together. Expect to receive highly actionable insights, industry secrets, and no-fluff strategies from the most innovative women on social media. 

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Learn From Your Favorite Influencers

Sivan Ayla
on Brand Building, Aesthetics, and Launching Products
Hannah Brown
on Accountability + Growth
Lauryn Evarts Bosstick
on Building a Digital Empire
Lindsay Peoples Wagner
on Hustle, Transforming an Industry, and Creating Lasting Change
Cibelle Levi
on Photography, Editing + Blazing Your Own Path
Trinity Mouzon Wofford
on Launching a Brand at 23, Product Development, and Landing Retail Partnerships

Meet your new biz bestie

Go from being burnt out and stretched too thinly with client work, admin stuff and social media content creation trying to “scale your business” to confidently knowing the secrets to starting-out, how to scale, when to scale, and how to find the best support systems to shatter that damn ceiling on your professional, financial and lifestyle goals. 

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Is This Program
for Me?

You want to launch a business
You aren't meant to be on this journey alone. You'll get access to a private members-only Facebook community where you can strategically network and mastermind with other female bosses.
You've already launched a business, and you're ready to uplevel.
How would you feel if you could wake up to an inbox flooded with DMs of people who want to partner with you, work with you, and buy from you? How would it feel if you could hire a team to do all the stuff you didn’t want to do? What if you went from surviving to thriving? What does freedom feel like to you?
You're doing the 9-to-5, but you want to get that side hustle off the ground.
One of our Mentors took her side hustle from $20K to $20 million in under 3 years. Curious how she did it? We'll show you how.

Who With Honors™ is not for...

With Honors is not for you if you don't believe that investing in yourself is worth the expense. 

With Honors is not for you if you don't like tactical advice, and you don't believe that you're made for more in business and in life. 

With Honors is not for you if you don't thrive in community, if you subscribe to a mean girl mentality, and don't believe in having a positive mindset. 

At With Honors, we believe ALL are welcome. We invite all genders, ethnicities, ages, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, and countries to be here with open arms. 

What you'll receive
inside With Honors™

Resources that get you results. Receive monthly templates and tools to run + market your biz.
Our exclusive VIP members-only community for networking + boss level allies.
Access to insider secrets, productivity hacks, members-only trainings, and more.
Receive a new Mentor Series and Expert Class every month, plus live trainings and members-only events, all included in your annual pass.

Meet your Mentor, Sivan Ayla

Are you following Sivan Ayla? She's a content powerhouse, and you might love her latest finds from beauty products to recipes and home goods as much as we do. Authentic, real, and true content is the core of how she's built her booming career. 

For the first time, we're taking you behind her brand to learn how she founded two consistently sold out brands, Tan + Lines and Lux Unfiltered. 

So, if you have the content creator itch or have been dreaming to launch a brand of your own, this class is one you won't want to miss. Inside Sivan's Mentor Series, she'll teach you exactly how to:

  • Build a following for your blog from the ground up
  • Use your blog to diversify your income streams
  • Launch a product-based business - sourcing, marketing budgets, launch strategy, and more
  • Scale your business - when to hire, who to hire, how to hire
  • Get a manager - why you need one and how they help to scale your business

Get ready to blog your way to money in the bank and a full-blown community with mentorship that takes into account everything that makes you, well - you. 

Are you ready for this? 

Sneak inside sivan's class!

Here's How With Honors Works


Sign up for With Honors, a one time annual fee

Upon signing up, you're plugged right into our first 6 “mentorclasses” led by self-made millionaires, badass female founders, industry trailblazers and brand moguls who built their empires using social media as their foundation. You can learn from our Mentors anytime, anywhere, at your own pace. 


Start learning from the best

Sit back. Pour yourself a cold brew. Kick up your feet. We know how hard you work. And we know it would feel really, reeeeally empowering to be mentored by the best women in the biz, so you can focus your energy on fast-tracking results. We did the heavy lifting so that you can lean all the way in. These no-nonsense curriculums are designed to help you scale to success, no matter where you are on your journey. 


Receive a new Mentorclass per month

Soooo, what happens after you sign up? Well, you’ll get access to a new Mentor Series per month, plus a private members-only Facebook community where you can strategically network and mastermind with other potential partners, hires, and opportunities. Not to mention, you’ll get access to exclusive mini-trainings and Q&As twice per month so you can stay accountable.

We know that's why you're here!
Ready to Boss Up?

Business is all about what you know + who you know. That's why we've created With Honors™ to plug you into our expert-led Mentor Series and exclusive community. 

Buy an annual pass now and you'll receive life-changing content created to fast-track your success.

Get immediate access to 6 Mentorclasses, plus a new Mentor Series and Expert Series every single month.
Strategies and actionable information from the most self-made bosses in the game.
Workbooks, pitch-packs, templates, custom graphics, and more included in the program.
I know you are
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IG Templates

My favorite thing is that With Honors is not generic. I feel like I've heard from some of these mentors before at other conferences, but in this setting they're telling it ALL in such a helpful and insightful way. I would WAY rather be part of something like this than attend a conference now that I've seen this. I'm seriously SO impressed and EXCITED! 

Hands down the best money I've spent on any program during quarantine. This mix of women is like nothing I've ever seen or heard. There are SO many tips, from growth hacking, to launching a platform and brand, to setting your editorial calendar, to time management and productivity. The information in these classes are PACKED full of actionable takeaways. The content is gorgeous, too. This investment will pay me back tenfold!

Jaclyn Hand

Meet your Mentor,
Lindsay Peoples

In addition to our Mentor Series, you'll also get exclusive bonus mini-trainings from the best experts who work behind the scenes, and 2x-monthly Q&As to help you stay accountable to your big goals.

Take a tour of Lindsay's Class

We got you


By now, you might be thinking, I SO WANT TO TAKE THIS LEAP. But another part of you might still be thinking, if I invest my money and time, is this really going to help? We want to take the guesswork out of that decision, so let's get you some answers...

I'm just starting out on my journey!

Perfect, even more of a reason to join. We want you to feel into what's possible for your future, so start by asking yourself: How good would it feel to life an unapologetic life by my own rules? 

I'm scared this won't work for me!

It's normal to have fear, and boy have we been there. What we've found on our own entrepreneurial journey is this: start before you're ready. Nothing BIG grows inside of your comfort zone. Your best investment is YOU, so bet on yourself. You're here because you've likely been wanting to play a big game for a long time. Yell YOLO, trust yourself, and believe in the energy of taking that first step, because this program is POWERFUL and designed for women who are ready to play BIG. 

Money's tight, it's a Pandemic.

While we know times are tough, we know you're made to handle hard things. The cost of our course is the cost of 10 trips to Starbucks. Doesn't this sound like a better investment? Opt into our payment plan and let our money mindset shifts help you manifest abundance. We made this program cost effective instead of charging thousands of dollars for it, because we want to make these game-changing classes accessible. 

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Best savings
One-time annual payment of $297
I prefer one and done!
Payment Plan
3 x $107
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Here's what you'll learn

How to create a successful digital brand from scratch, and exactly how (and when) to scale.

Go from being burnt out and stretched too thinly with client work, admin stuff and social media content creation trying to “scale your business” to confidently knowing the secrets to starting-out, how to scale, when to scale, and how to find the best support systems to shatter that damn ceiling on your professional, financial and lifestyle goals. 

Discover how to build a community from the ground up (even when starting with next to no followers).

Several of our Mentors (like Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Sivan Ayla and Chriselle Lim) all touch upon this in their Mentor Series, providing granular strategies on how to build a community from scratch. Whether you have 1,000 followers or 10,000 followers, you'll learn steps towards consistency in sharing your message and making organic posts that speak straight and pull on the heart-strings of your followers.

Find white-space in the market to create a purpose-driven platform with game-changing impact.

If we had a penny for every time we've heard someone say "it's a saturated market." Learn how our Mentors paved their own lanes and created stand-out content, and grew six and seven figure businesses by finding "white space" instead of reinventing the wheel. 

How to create a buzzworthy product and bootstrap your way to sold-out success.

Sure, it takes money to make money....but is that always the case? One of our Mentors, Trinity Mouzon Wofford, bootstrapped her way through launching a beauty and wellness brand at 23 years old, and became the first black female founder to have her product grace the shelves of Sephora. Get her exact strategies on how she navigated launching a product with no outside investment. Also, hear from Mentors like Sivan Ayla discuss launching her beauty brand Lux Unfiltered, and Chriselle Lim pivot her digital parenting brand, bümo. 


Do I get access to all 8 Mentorclass Series at once?

Yes! When you sign up today, you'll get access to every single class all of our Mentorclass Series – instantly!   :)

How do I login to access the content?

Once you sign up, you'll receive a custom email from us with your login. You'll create your own password, and your login info is yours anytime you want to access the program.

You can watch the content anytime, anywhere, and it's formatted for your smart phone, desktop, laptop, and you can even "screen mirror" and watch our classes from your device on your TV.

How much does it cost?

An annual pass to With Honorsis $297 for the year, or you can opt into our payment plan, which is 3 monthly payments for $107. An annual pass gives you access to all of our Mentorclasses, plus inclusive access to 2 new classes per month. You also get access to monthly members-only trainings, private community events inside our VIP Facebook group, networking opportunities within our lit up community, and a free digital ticket to one of our exclusive events. Plus, we have monthly freebies for our members, like Bonus Boss Bundles and templates to help promote and market your biz. 

Can I cancel after the first year?

Yes, you can cancel after the first year. Our annual pass has no strings attached, so if you don't want to continue, there's no contract past the first year and no pressure. 

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Best savings
One-time annual payment of $297
I prefer one and done!
Payment Plan
3 x $107
3 monthly payments of $107
I'm all in!

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