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In her Mentor Series, Chriselle shares how she continues to evolve in the digital space, dominating new platforms (like stepping into her viral character "Rich Mom" on TikTok). She also opens up about pivoting her new company, bümo, during a pandemic, and sharing how there's power in your pivot. Come inside Chriselle's Mentor Series where she shares her powerful journey, and how to make an impact as a creative entrepreneur. 

Disrupting An Industry + Consistently Evolving

As an OG blogger and influencer, Chriselle has seen and done it ALL. After being in the social media industry for a decade, Chriselle has some major advice, takeaways, guidance, and MUST-KNOW tips for you- no matter where you are in your business journey.

From Blogger to Entrepreneur

When you establish yourself as something, people naturally want to pigeon hole you but NOT TODAY. Chriselle would’ve never been able to go from blogger to entrepreneur if she let her audience put her in a box… and she’s going to tell you *exactly* how she was able to do that.

Launch Mode: Strategies That Sell

Let’s talk LAUNCH STRATEGIES. Chriselle gets right to business and walks you though exactly how to launch a product, make an impact, and SELL your product. To make sure you’re covered, Chriselle gets extremely granular about the steps you should take to make your launch a success.

Getting Social: How To Dominate Social Media

We all know the importance of social media- especially when it comes to your brand or business. Allow the OG influencer and master take you through the best practices of social media so that you, too, can dominate on all platforms. 

Rules For Long-Lasting Success

Last, but definitely not least, Chriselle blesses us with her rules for success and tells us exactly which factors truly contributed to her steady growth and evolution over the years. When you’re just starting out, you may not have an inner circle or a community to lean on but don’t be afraid to build it for yourself. Chriselle also talks time management, needle moving growth hacks, and so much more.

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